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What is Nanotechnology?


Nanotechnology Definition and The Medical Field

The term nanotechnology is rarely used and even less understood.  So what exactly is nanotechnology?  To get to the root meaning, lets take a look and the origin of the word.  It comes from the greek language and it can be interpreted to mean “dwarf”.  While many people immediately think of product miniaturization in products like cell phones, laptops, tablets, and computer chips, the more commonly known nanotechnology deals with an area of scientific advancement that deals with microscopic particles.   This perfectly describes this “field of science” since it deals with atoms and matter than can’t be seen by most microscopes let alone the naked eye.  In fact, this field of science wasn’t advanced until the invention of microscopes which were powerful enough to give a good inside look in the 1980’s.  Anyways, nanotechnology deals with manipulating and changing at extremely small scales.  Essentially it deals with the overall knowledge of small atoms and molecules which make up the building blocks of life.

Nanotechnology in the Medical Field?

They are a natural fit and they have the potential to dramatically change the world that we live in.  Without getting too specific, the development of certain nano-products will help doctors in earlier detection of medical conditions which can end up saving countless live due to the ability to detect a disease that would surely been missed without the continued development of the technology.  It can also lead to faster diagnosis which will allow doctors a better chance solving patients problems and lead to faster recovery times.  Nanotechnology can also help with certain types of drug treatments.  By using higher efficiency than previous methods, the body is not exposed to large amounts of toxic elements which can lead to a lower amount of side effects and a speedier recovery.


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